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Based upon the same engine that twice won Desk the “Best Apps of the Year”, mnml has all the tools you need to begin telling your story on Medium.

No longer are you constrained by the speed or availability of an internet connection, all you need to do now is start writing.

Delight in Storytelling

Enjoy a clean, simple and truly distraction-free interface. Zero in on your writing with view modes like Typewriter, Full Screen and more. Enhance your stories with drag-and-drop photos and video or embeded code. Prefer something a bit easier on the eyes? Switch between Day and Night modes. All that, and more of the same features you know and love from Medium*.

Powerful Publishing

mnml supports multiple Medium blogs and accounts out of the box. Star, tag and group your stories for better organization of your work, or search using dates or text with ease. Manage draft, unlisted or public posts like a pro.

And More…

  • Private Notes – Make note of something important for your future eyes only.
  • URLs & Copyright – Choose the right Canonical URL and Copyright license.
  • Sync – Whether you’re on the go or connected to a fiber line, with iCloud sync you’ll be ready when inspiration strikes.
  • Backup – Never fear about losing your work again with automatic backups using Autosave, all while you write.
* Due to limitations with the current API, certain features are limited, such as “drop-caps”, which are currently unsupported. Learn more on the mnml support page.

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Designed specifically for
Tell you story, in your style.
Compose with comfort.
Write and then share with the world.
Save your posts locally or in the cloud.


About the Creator

San Francisco, 2016

Hi, I’m John and you can find me in a number of different places on the web. Among many other things, I’m an indie software developer, blogger, entrepreneur, husband, dad, and newbie vlogger.

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that I’ve been blogging publicly since 2001; at least one post every single day. Writing and storytelling has been an ever-increasing passion of mine and it was almost an accident that I decided to share it with the rest of the world.

I want to make it easy for people to share their experiences, thoughts, desires and lives with the world, much like I have. I love hearing the personal success stories from people just like you who have used my humble app to help them capture, refine, and then publish their thoughts to the world. What an honor and privilege!

As an indie developer, thank you for allowing my passion to be made complete through your continued support of my work.